Schilderijen Pieternel

Specialism Art
City Arcen
Address Scheidsgraafsingel 25
Phone Number 06 24 14 55 18
Exclusive exhibition of Pieternel by MONDiART during 'Let's Meet Again'.

The sales exhibition 'Let's Meet Again' will take place in the monumental Grote Kerk in Naarden from Thursday 9 to Sunday 12 September. Artist Pieternel Elsen not only presents her beautiful work here, which was created in collaboration with MONDiART, you can also directly buy an original Pieternel.
Made with Passion

Pieternel's exclusive paintings, both autonomous and commissioned, fulfill the unique and special wishes of residents of rural, contemporary and classic interiors. The artist often paints animals from memory on the canvas. Her thoughts and events are translated into the animals on the canvas. Recognizable, characteristic movements and shapes of animals around us, horses, country life, our pets, but also European and African wildlife.
A golden combination

Last year a great collaboration arose between MONDiART and Pieternel. For example, beautiful tapestries, aluminum prints, gobelins, cushions and many other printed materials have been made possible with the images of Pieternel's paintings. All these beautiful works are available from MONDiART (B2B) as well as from Pieternel, for the original paintings and private individuals who would like to purchase a beautiful printed matter or a cozy cushion for the couch.
Let's Meet Again

We are happy to welcome you during 'Let's Meet Again'. A wide range of Modern and Contemporary art, Antiques, Silver, Jewellery, Interior, Fashion, Wine and Delicacies will be presented during four days at the historic location – the Grote Kerk in Naarden.

Family business MONDiART is an international trading company that has been working for more than 30 years. Although the heart of the company is located in the design city of Eindhoven, it is also represented in Het Anker in Druten, De Woonindustrie in Nieuwegein. And since the beginning of this year, MONDiART also has its own showroom in Barneveld, where they are affiliated with the Dutch Interior Collective. They are also a welcome party at international trade fairs.

Pieternel has a collaboration with MONDiART from Eindhoven at Lets Meet Again.